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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. we have a jackpot winner in california tonight. millions of people playing for the jackpot, lines stretching
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for blocks. they confirm there is a winner in california. >> can you believe it, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and 10 is the powerball number. >> the winning ticket in california was purchased at this 7-eleven in chino hills near pomona in san bernardino county. lottery officials say 12 tickets were sold that had five of the numbers. >> the tickets were purchased in santa rosa, vacaville, chula vista, tustin, pacoima, irwindale. >> and this was the largest jackpot ever. we're still waiting to see if there were other winners elsewhere. the prize was $6.8 billion. >> the jackpot turned over 19 times since december.
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stay with us, we have a winner. yes, we certainly do. it's a winning forecast, really. yeah, that is true, looking outside right now it is clear and cloudy after some rain today. let's check in with meteorologist sandy patel. >> yes, we did hit the jackpot on the rain situation, let me show you live doppler 7 hd, all right, it's not the same as winning the real jackpot, the money, but we do need the rain, and are tracking clouds and fog developing last 24 hours. about an inch and 2200th, in san raphael, almost an inch. look at how much less san jose, moffet field, in the east bay, 1900s, 1500 in oakland. we are watching the clouds, peak wind gusts today anywhere from 35 to 60 miles an hour, obviously that is why this was a two that came in on the storm
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impact scale. all winter, we rank the scales, next one coming is a one, thursday afternoon into the night less than a quarter of an inch for most of the areas, higher amounts for the north bay. ukiah and cloverdale, we head to the 5:00 hour, the rain will start to spread south. we'll be back to let you know how long that one will last, when the next storm system comes that will be part of your plans. and you can track road conditions and weather on the go with the abc 7 news app, free to download and push alerts to get constant notifications on severe weather and breaking news. and breaking news, speaking of which we're getting reports of a series of explosions in indonesia, at least one person is dead. a u.n. official said at least one of the explosions took place in front of the office of the capital city of jakarta, we're
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getting reports of explosions in other cities, the witnesses report one explosion was caused by a suicide bomber. we're going to bring you updates on this story as they develop during this news cast and of course as the evening progresses. well, we have new pictures tonight showing the suspect in a deadly bart shooting over the weekend. police say this is the man that shot a fellow passenger on the bart train as it pulled into the oakland station wednesday night. more on the story. >> this is a pretty brazen random act. >> reporter: bart police say the victim and gunman apparently had no interaction on board that train. the man they're looking for is about six feet tall, with a hood and jacket and tan military boot
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s. investigators refuse to release more evidence on the train. they question if all cameras were working at the time. >> we have a robust system, cameras on the plains and platforms. >> reporter: the shooting happened at about 7:50 in the eveni evening. the shooter was about to exit the train when he pulled out a gun and shot the other passenger. >> everybody near me, we thought we were going to die. >> reporter: the cell phone video shows the passengers leaving with their luggage, the bart police confirm the victim had a knife on him, described as a young latino man. >> at this point, it is unknown, the relationship between the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: the alleged shooter ran past these turnstiles and
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disappeared in the west oakland station. now to that rescue of a trapped plumber freed after being stuck underground for 13 long hours. >> he says everything is okay. esparza is recovering tonight at healed hospital in oakland, and talked about the day when it turned into a terrible ordeal. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has more. >> reporter: the person was rescued from a seven-foot deep trench, it was described as a game of inches. >> they would pick up an inch of material and two inches would come in. >> reporter: esparza got stuck at 1:00 p.m. yesterday, rescuers freed him at 2:00 a.m. >> he was much lower than a
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typical excavation project. all the material just went in, that is what was pinning him. >> reporter: rescue crews were able to get down 15 feet quickly so that esparza's torso was not buried. >> the last few feet, the sand kept coming in on us. >> reporter: which is why he said the rescue took so long. >> he has been with the company six years, one of the best employees. >> reporter: according to the health and safety website, star rooter's last documented accidents was december 23rd 2014, there were complaints since august of 2007. all of which resulted in osha saying they had at least 15 other violations. one serious violation, in august 2013, osha cited star rooter for failing to make sure a trench
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was adequately protected by the system. osha says it is investigating this latest accident. in oakland, melanie woodrow. and the man who was sent to prison for running a drug trade was appealing his decision. he says he deserves a new trial because two federal agents involved in the investigation admitted to corrupt misconduct. two months after his conviction, prosecutors announced two federal agents pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars in bit coins, both sentenced to prevent. he was given a life sentence for operating. and this could be like owning a car under new rules proposed by a state lawmaker of southern california. the drone act would require drone owners to register their drones and get a tiny physical or electronic license plate for it. they would also have to get an expensive insurance policy. the money would go toward any
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damage or injuries caused by the drone. state lawmakers today advanced a bill that would allow california voters to take ballot selfies and post them on social media. currently it is illegal under rules that keep voting private, although the law is really enforced. the marin county assemblyman introduced the bill, believing it could help more people vote. all right, a lot more to come, the stock market takes a deep dive, what it means for your savings and retirement. >> plus, go pro stunning investors but for all the wrong reasons. also the snow piling up in the sierra, you can get there. what it is like in the mountains now. meteorologist sandy patel will have more on the storms heading our way. and many will share the pictures of the storms with us.
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i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. on wall street, a deep dive, the dow down 100 points, the nasdaq dropping nearly 160 and the s&p 500 was off by 48, we are nearly half way through what has been a brutal january. and what does that now mean for americans and their retirement savings?
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more from wall street. >> reporter: tonight, a wall street nose dive. this is the worst start of the year for stocks ever, all major markets down significantly, just look at these numbers. not only was the dow down nearly 365 points, the nasdaq down 3.4%, s&p, down 2.5%, what is dragging the markets down? oil, prices have been dropping and dropping, hanging around $30 a barrel the lowest prices since 2004. amid concerns of a slowdown in major economies like china. so what does that all mean for you? well, the average 401(k) of $92 has already lost $7 in value since the beginning of the year. and there is an old saying here on wall street, as january goes, there goes the stocks, the old saying holds true and we're now half way through january. and san mateo based camera
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makers gopro stunned after announcing drops, shares dropping 24% on news of the trouble, and gopro will cut 7% of its work force. the company reported today it expects to miss analysts earnings by 14%, the stock is down 71% over the past year. >> well, 2016 so far has not been great on wall street but it has been a good year so far for the snow in tahoe, with fresh snows today. here is what it looks like in the past hour on interstate 80, with chains required. >> reporter: for much of the day, steady snow fell near the summit, the whiteout conditions along interstate 80. the chain controls were required for drivers. michael walker from stockton had never put on tire chains, that is until today, with chain installers targeting 30 bucks on the side of the highway he
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decided to save some money. >> i'm going to try to do it myself, but it's cold. but i'll get it, i don't care how long it takes. >> reporter: for others it was a group effort to chain up. >> those who live for the high country are trying to hold on to this winter season. >> this is the best year we have had in several years. obviously. you know, we have been in the drought up here just like you have in the valley. when it doesn't rain in the valley it doesn't snow in the mountains. >> reporter: so far it has been a great snow year for businesses who rely on this white powder and many don't seem to mind the extra snow. >> good business. >> good business? >> yeah, good business, more money. >> reporter: still, if you're traveling through the summit, slick roads are always a concern. so the chp has this advice. >> just watch your speed, like he says, it's really slick out
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here. for the most part people are driving well but we have had a couple of spinouts and crashes today as a result of driving too fast. >> reporter: and it is always wise to be prepared for drives coming to and from tahoe. a huge boulder fell on the highway near sierra today, the 50-ton rock blocked the road, traffic reduced to one lane, caltrans used three pounds of dynamite to break it up before hauling it away. the road is now back to normal. last week a rock slide on highway 140 closed one of the entrances to yosemite national park, it opened again over the weekend. >> let's talk about the weather, sandy made a point, a few years ago we were used to this, and the last few years we got used to no rain. this is what we should have been used to. >> hopefully we're start to get more rain, and it is winter after all so this is what we
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should be seeing but when you have el nino-enhanced storms it actually brings in more rain, that is what we're keeping our fingers crossed for. let me show you the live doppler, with the storms back up again, i have just changed the accuweather seven-day forecast i'll explain in a moment here. in the sierra, chain controls still at this hour for all roads leading up to tahoe, own though the snow showers are starting to taper, temperatures right here in the bay area in the 40s, 50s, there is definitely a little bit of christmas to the air. from our tower camera we're looking live at san francisco. and here is a look at the forecast. more rain tomorrow afternoon. another system friday evening into saturday. there is another storm system coming, going into monday, the one coming into tomorrow, one, a light storm, thursday afternoon to evening a quarter to half an inch for most areas with a light wind. it's not going to be a repeat of the wind we saw with the
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incoming storm today. so here is your time line, noon tomorrow, the clouds around, north bay seeing light to moderate rain, 4:00, some of it moving into the east bay, parts of the peninsula heading towards the south bay later in the evening, 5:00 evening rush will include very wet areas across the bay area with the exception of the south bay. by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night everybody is getting wet so it will be a rainy thursday evening, 9:00, still widespread. we had until 11:00 and then saw a bit of a break in the north bay. 4:00 a.m., friday, still lingering showers, an evening commuter, the showers taper and the sun breaks through on saturday. you get this short break, this is very important, we need the time to dry out as the next system comes in here. this one coming in tomorrow, rain totals going up, santa rosa could pick up much more, but places like san jose, a little
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bit less, here is friday's system, afternoon is dry, just clouds. we head into friday night and by 5:00, most areas along the coast are seeing rain including the north bay and then at 7:00 your friday getaway could be messy as we head into the evening time period, light to moderate rain across the bay area. early morning showers on saturday, then it does not want to go away completely. few showers continuing into the latter part of your saturday morning and then a few more into the afternoon hours. sierra still under the winter weather advisory, until midnight tonight. so in case you have plans to travel up there keep it in mind, upper 30s to upper 40s, you will need to bundle up, chilly tomorrow afternoon, need to worry about the wet weather first in the north bay, if your commute takes you across the rest of the bay area it will be wet. accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow storms, friday evening, another one coming in on the storm impact scale. sunday is another scale, a one
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on our scale there. it will be a wet day. and then martin luther king jr. we have a two coming in, that one is lingering. dan and ama, the problem with this, there is a computer model for the sunday system that is not going as wet, next week it is not going a wet. so the computer models have to duke it out. but if the weather model is right even beyond the forecast we're looking at more rain wednesday break and then thursday, friday, so we'll have to wait and see. >> thank you, sandy. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, a bay area group is asking for help for this dog, what it needs right away.
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oh, lottery fever,
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powerball, we are taking a live look over the 7-eleven in chino hills where we're told that winning powerball ticket was sold. >> yes, over $1.5 billion. and people have gathered now at this store in the area of chino hills near pomona in san bernardino county. i think they at least want to be near the machine in the store where the giant lottery was won tonight. pretty impressive, but people have gathered there just to come out and be a part of what is happening. the winning numbers in california after 19 previous drawings that ended up with no winner. >> i know, it's dark out there, maybe they're trying to say let's keep everything quiet and calm but we'll have to wait and see if the person comes forward. >> we'll have to wait and see, and ama, we'll see if there are any other winners in other states, how much of this prize gets split up if it does in fact get split up. but it will be interesting to
9:25 pm
see if anybody in other states has the winning combination, as well. i know the lottery ticket we have, has a single number on it. we were not even close. >> yeah, the lottery officials say 12 tickets were sold in california that had five of the six numbers. so there are some winners out there. we'll just wait and see who they are. >> all right, stay with us for more. all right, well, a sick east bay dog needs your help. take a look at po, the pit bull was recently found on the streets of alameda. severely injured. the vet determined he was not hit by a car but does have nerve damage. to complete the diagnosis he needs an mri that costs more than $2,000. the alameda sheriff's office says they are looking for a home eventually. for more information you can donate at and there is nothing quite like a bear hug to make you feel good. check this out. this is a kodiak bear named
9:26 pm
jimbo, and jim, who has helped to raise jimbo since he was a cub. he turned 21 months this week, he loves back rubs and licking his face, somebody asked for video of the two unlikely friends playing. i think that only can work if you start as a cub. oh, look at the size of that bear. >> he is huge, i am just -- >> don't make jimbo angry. >> i would not. another half hour of abc news at 9:00 is coming up. the video of the american sailors with hands on their heads and apologizing, the question, how they got into iranian waters. also, police make an arrest on the death of an american artist living in
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. questions tonight about why ten american sailors who were briefly detained in iran were in that country's waters in the first place. >> abc correspondent terry maran is in bahrain with more. >> reporter: two american boats are surrounded and subdued as iranian navy cameras record the scene, and then a few minutes later the surrender, images of the ten u.s. sailors kneeling, hands on their heads, the iranians in control. secretary of state john kerry makes five calls to the iranians demanding the americans be released explaining it was a mistake. and those american sailors, nine men and one woman, spend a night in captivity, a meal was served,
9:31 pm
and then appointed interrogation. >> why were you in the iranian water? >> it was a mistake, it was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> asked if the boats were inside iran's territorial waters? >> i believe so. >> and how were they treated? >> the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here, we thank you very much for your hospitality and assistance. >> this morning, the americans are released, the boats end back up in waters and one suggested they had engine problems and ended up in iranian waters. the u.s. refuses to apologize. >> why wasn't there anybody to be there, why did they tow themselves away, and why did they allow themselves to be taken hostages without a fight? >> the quick release of the sailors is a sign of the better u.s./iranian relations after a nuclear deal. but others see an emboldened
9:32 pm
iran, challenging and even humiliating america. and police have made an arrest connected with an american artist living in italy. investigators say they have an immigrant in custody, an italian news agency said that dna evidence links the suspect to the crime and there is surveillance video, the man is known to police and has been connected to the local drug scene. olsen is from florida and had had been living in italy for three years. and now, a war of words between south carolina governor nikki haley and donald trump. in her address after the state of the union address, she had words for donald trump. and there were suggestions on the frontrunner. >> reporter: president obama opened fire on donald trump. >> and that is why we need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or
9:33 pm
religion. >> even paul ryan applauded. and trump, a big yawn, with the speech still under way he twe tweeted, speech is really boring, hard to watch. but what happened next got his attention. >> good evening. >> south carolina governor nikki haley, a rising star, who famously called for the rebel flag to come down, discussed the state of the union. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to answer the siren call of the most angry voices, we must resist that voice. >> first time in my life i can remember the response to the state of the union not going after the president, but rather going after the frontrunner of -- in this case, her own party. >> big night last night. >> it was. >> they caught up with governor haley in south carolina. >> what is it that donald trump
9:34 pm
is saying that makes him one of the angry voices? >> the one that got me was when he said ban all muslims, we've never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion, let's not start that now. >> trump is hitting back. >> she is weak on illegal immigration, and she certainly has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions, because over the years she asked me for a hell of a lot of money. >> haley's message to trump, relax. >> when i say it at other frontrunners, they don't throw stones, what i would say is don't take it personally. >> right here in south carolina on thursday night, the first republican debate of 2016 there will be fewer candidates on the stage because carly fiorina and rand paul did not make the cut and that means more time for trump, cruz and rubio and the others to really mix it up. abc news, charleston. ted cruz picked up the
9:35 pm
endorsement of duck dynasty star il robertson today, the camera showed them both in hunting clothes with their faces painted. robertson said he is the man for the job and will go duck hunting. and bernie sanders closing the gap with hillary clinton. a new poll shows her lead is just seven points down from 20. her campaign has a new argument. >> reporter: with hillary clinton on the ropes in iowa and new hampshire, her family now out in force. bill and chelsea, and today, hillary all over the air waves. the target? bernie sanders, the new fight over health care. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare, the chip care, and private insurance. >> sanders, outraged. saying his campaign would do
9:36 pm
nothing of the sort. >> that is not correct, i hope they stop saying that. >> but clinton not backing down. >> that is exactly what he proposed. okay, now tell the american people how much that will cost them. >> clinton claiming it will mean a tax hike on the middle class, but today, team sanders digging into the vault releasing this 1993 photo signed by clinton, thanking sanders for his commitment to real health care access for all americans. they also sent around this 2008 clip of clinton blasting her then opponent, barack obama. >> since when do democrats attack one another on universal health care? it was not that long ago that sanders was a challenger that clinton barely mentioned by name, but now she is not holding back attacks to her campaign says we'll see a lot more of. cecelia vega, abc news, new york. and google's fleet of cars would have been involved in accidents if human drivers had not intervened.
9:37 pm
a report filed said the performance of the cars is more than seven times greater in the same period of the previous year. google has the largest fleet of cars driving in the state and so far most if not all the accidents their cars have been involved in have been the other driver's fault, interesting. and a new bike share coming to the east
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fremont, palo alto, and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. the city of oakland wants to make it easier than ever to get around on two wheels rather than four. >> as abc reports, it is being manufactured in the east bay.
9:41 pm
>> reporter: oakland's mayor is getting lots of attention these days and not just about saving the oakland raiders. she also wants to save the planet. >> a solar-powered electric bike share station is so oakland. this is us. >> built entirely here in the east bay, the mayor cut the ribbon. on a station that charges these shared electric bikes using only the sun. >> the first in the world. >> reporter: that is not entirely true. bay area start-up swift mile launched these smaller stations in the south bay, and so is oakland's, a six-month pilot program in the square. >> it's a move toward what will happen in the future, which the bay area is already a champion of. >> reporter: the bikes can be manual or electric or somewhere in between. >> i'm just going to come, it will help me go. >> the bikes are also for sale for $1500 each or for twice that you can buy one of these. it's certainly not the world's first electric scooter but workers say this one is made for life in the city. >> you can charge the battery
9:42 pm
while it's in the scooter or it's removable as well. so down here i can take it out. >> reporter: you can park it or go outside, and you can lock it up. >> there is storage and we have a port there where you can put a usb there and charge your ñipho. >> reporter: there is even talk google will make it for on-demand economy. it tops out at 30 miles per hour, you but don't worry, the app will make sure you're not honked at. >> the app will help you find areas that go 30 miles or more. >> we need to change the way we live, and dependence on cars is one of them. all right, more rain coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00. and we're less than a mo
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we have another look at the crowd that has gathered at the chino hills 7-eleven, which is where somebody bought a winning powerball jackpot ticket, the only one in california. you can see a large crowd gathered. the jackpot is worth nearly $1.6 billion, people showing up just wanting to be a part of it in some way. but we don't know if there were winning tickets purchased in other states, we'll know more. and today, some food vendors who wanted to get permits were told it's too late. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has more. >> reporter: and here at the market they expect the super bowl crowd will be here. >> we expect to have extra to
9:47 pm
beef up the team here. >> reporter: they're one of more than 300 food trucks that are licensed by the city in line to take advantage of hungry football fans. harold stevens hoped to serve hot links so he showed up today at a health department meeting he thought would help with the process. only to be told it's too late to get a permit. >> i came here and you know, now they're telling me one or two months out. >> information is available ono. if you knew the super bowl was around the corner maybe you should have looked at this maybe a little bit earlier. >> reporter: health officials say their emphasis right now is on cracking down and maybe shutting down the expected influx of illegal venders during super bowl week who could start an outbreak of basic foodborne illnesses. >> hand cleaning is not available. they're not able to keep the food clean. >> reporter: this woman is
9:48 pm
helping immigrant women get their permits. >> we were not hoping we would do something in time for the super bowl, we just hoped to get a clearance from all the regulations. >> reporter: but those who were hoping for super bowl bounty were out of luck. in san francisco, carolyn tyler. and meteorologist sandy patel is here with the weather. do you remember the rain on the lens? you will see scenes like this as we head to the next several days off and on. but this afternoon we did see nice sunny breaks. the clouds just reflecting, showing the showers over san francisco, showing the pretty view there. live doppler 7 hd showing the cloud and fog, rain up in yreka.
9:49 pm
as we look at the highs tomorrow, nerve the 50s, lake port at 48 degrees, wet weather starting in the north bay and as we head to the evening commute it will spread south. here is the long range forecast. i want to show you the two computer models just so you know what we're looking at. from thursday morning all the way until next tuesday we're looking at over five inches of rain for parts of the bay area. that is including multiple storms. look at this other computer model. very different, still wet, but we're looking at way less in terms of rainfall down across from san francisco so the east bay and south bay and just over four inches in santa rosa. we'll see how it all plays out. accuweather forecast, three systems, thursday, friday night into saturday. sunday, and then own monday, martin luther king jr. day. that one brings wind, showers lingering into tuesday, dan and ama. thank you very much, sandy. all right, we're getting closer to hollywood's biggest
9:50 pm
night, the nominations for the 88th academy award winners will be announced tomorrow morning. actors like cate blanchett and leonardo dicaprio are being tossed around. and chris rock will host for the second time. >> he did a good job the first time. on to sports. and we thought we would be billionaires by this time. >> we didn't win. >> i didn't even come close. >> dan, we're going to be wearing sophora for the rest of our lives. >> i mean, it's a good look. >> could be worse -- >> but i mean, it was not my plan. i thought we would be on the yacht by now. also almost 10:00. on the helicopter on the way to the beach. and another downer, no
9:51 pm
draymond, no victory, the draymond, no victory, the warriors without one of their
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coming up tonight at 11:00, a powerball winner in california, this is the san bernardino county store that sold a lottery ticket that matched all six numbers, tonight, some still getting powerball riches. and tonight, the person who picked you up may have been convicted of a felony. the policy changes. those stories coming up on channel 11:00. this sports report brought to you by toyota. and no lottery win for him. >> he has to be here with the ru rest of us. >> i had my own island pillowca pillowcase picked out. i had had written you lovely good-bye picked out.
9:55 pm
steph curry, but draymond green didn't play in denver, they ended up losing for the third time this season. draymond in attendance, looking spiffy in his street close, warriors get a six-point lead in the third quarter, denver closes the lead. nuggets up ten, going up in the fourth, arthur, 94-83, seven minutes left. he went for 28, all nuggets. steph takes control late, warriors within four. look at this, from 33 feet, splash. curry goes for 38, 20 in the fourth quarter, down two. 12 seconds to go, steph, one-on-one, too much french pastry. unthinking turnover, after two denver free throws, warriors down four, catch, shoot, bang, not over yet.
9:56 pm
they get the final shot for the win, steph open, but instead the ball goes to klay. 111-110-nuggets, the final, they hit 34 of 37 free throws, that was big. 36 and 3 now with kobe and the lakers coming to oracle, cal 12 and 5 overall but coming off two difficult losses on the road against the oregon schools over the weekend. stanford 9 and 6, they have had to deal with injuries but they play hard and actually have beaten cal three state times in this series. >> any time you play a rivalry team it's a rivalry game, that goes without question, johnny has done a tremendous job, in just how hard they play, they're one of the hardest playing teams if not the hardest in my
9:57 pm
opinion, in our league. >> they have a good mix of veterans with ty wallace there and matthews and those guys combined with the young players. they have a good blend of talent with youth and experience. news with raffi torres completing a suspension, going on assignment with san jose and could be brought up with the sharks for the second half of the season. and finally, the coaching job he wanted. cleveland is now u jack city, the browns, the only team that offered him a job and he took it. he was interviewed for five hours, they never made an hour, jackson has said in the past he wants control over personnel on that roster and that may have been a problem with the 49ers with trent balke not wanting to give up control. jackson was lead and badly wanted another chance to be head
9:58 pm
coach in coach. >> you know i never thought about it that way. what you do is you work, put your head down and work and everybody has aspirations, and sometimes it just doesn't work out for some. i think i've been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to do it again. and i'm looking forward to this opportunity. >> where do the niners go from here? one report indicates that mike shanahan may be the frontrunner, he was the offensive coordinator on the last team to win the super bowl. he won two super bowls for the broncos, the recent stint in washington did not end well. the old rg3 situation there. they're big shanahan supporters and that certainly does not hurt if you're looking for a job with the niners. a sad story involving ex-niner philips, found dead in his cell, officials suspect suicide. he played in 1999 for the 49ers.
9:59 pm
so much potential, so much talent unfortunately wasted. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> that is a shame. all right, thank you, larry. >> all right, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz. and i'm dan ashley, we appreciate your support. abc 7 continues on line and twitter with all of your mobile devices. >> hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and make time for us in one hour on channel 7 if you can. see you then.
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